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We’re like rocket fuel for career readiness.

Accelerate professional development and career resilience for youth & young adults with disabilities.
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Why choose EightTen?

Workforce-Driven Curriculum

Our platform maintains dozens of curriculum modules that are updated regularly according to workforce needs of employers and the latest recruiting trends. Additionally, each curriculum module has a corresponding action item that keeps the learner and mentor engaged throughout their relationship and leave the job candidate better prepared for future employment.

  • Building Your Personal Brand

  • Applying Design Thinking to Everyday Life

  • Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Navigating the Job Search Lifecycle

  • Communicating With Others: Verbal vs Non-Verbal
  • Self-Advocacy: Understanding & Expressing Your Needs

  • Socializing & Professional Networking

  • Understanding Team Dynamics

  • Celebrating Your Strengths & Abilities

  • …and many more

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